Remote Project Management

Project Management

Project Management helps you to manage your project effectively and resolve problems more quickly. It can help you gain more customer satisfaction and reduce risk. A project can be managed in a traditional method or by applying agile methodologies. At Unico Global, we have a team of Project Managers who have an average experience of 4.5 years. We can handle end to end project life cycle i.e. from Initialization till Closure. Our Managers have a proper combination of knowledge, skills and experience and can work in any type of working environment. If you just want someone to deliver your projects to the client or you need someone to handle the execution phase or you need a complete project manager, we have all sort of options available for you.

Project Management Office

A project management office (abbreviated to PMO) is a group or department within a business, agency, or enterprise that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization. The PMO strives to standardize and introduce economies of repetition in the execution of projects. It is basically a bridge between the Project Management Team and the Senior Management Team. If you run projects, the projects have a significant level of cost or have significant level of impact, then you can really benefit from PMO. Certainly, the larger the projects, the bigger the budget, the more there are projects, then the more you can benefit from a PMO. We have a versatile team of PMO which is continuously evolving and developing day by day as per the market trends and requirements. Let us know your requirement and we will ensure you that you have your choice of managers working for you.

Client Servicing and Coordination

Client Servicing Manager (abbreviated to CS Manager) is responsible to support Corporate Sales Team or Business Development teams in servicing accounts. Client Servicing Manager is often the primary point of contact for clients and ensures client satisfaction with the organization's product or service. Our CS Managers have the perfect blend of experience, exposure and skills to work under various working environment. Since the CS Manager are mostly the first face and first impression of any organization in any business, it is mandatory for the Managers to perform exceptionally well. Our CS Managers are highly trained and have an average experience of 3.5-4 years. From requesting Purchase Order to Invoicing the client, we can assist you with any type of request. If you need a dedicated Account Manager, we can provide you with that as well.

Business Reqirements Analysis

Has a client ever complained that what you delivered isn't what she ordered? Has someone changed his mind altogether about the deliverable, when you were halfway through a project? A focused and detailed business requirements analysis can help you avoid problems like these. This is the process of discovering, analysing, defining, and documenting the requirements that are related to a specific business objective. Our Analyst will make sure all the stakeholders agree on what has to be built or acquire or supposed to do. We will interpret, gather and categorize all the records on the basis of the requirements and determine which requirement is achievable and how it can be deliver effectively.

Report Generation

Report is an account given of a particular matter, especially in the form of an official document, after thorough investigation or consideration. In every businesses, reports and graphical dashboards are used daily to view their daily inputs and where they stand as per the targets. The requirements for report may differ from cases to cases. But the motive to provide a clear, crisp and precise data in a form of graphs, charts and tables remains the same. Our Excel and BI Specialist will make sure that your report are attractive and contains all the essential detail. We create reports and dashboard which are user friendly and easy to understand. If you need reports in Spreadsheet or you want to publish your reports and data using a BI tool, we will be glad to assist you with your request.

Virtual Assistance

Web and Android Development

Web development broadly refers to the tasks associated with developing websites for hosting via intranet or internet. The Web Technology is been now for more than 20 years and it is the rock solid method of showing what you offer and what you are. Whereas, Android development is the process by which new applications are created for devices running on the Android operating system. In the last 10 years, Android has made a name for itself, not only with its candy-themed platform updates, but also with its widespread, and unexpected, success. In its lifetime, the open-source mobile operating system has grown to include 1.4 billion active users and 80% of smartphones today run Android software. Now coming to our services, we have a huge team of developers and designers who are up to take any task and project. We have a team full of diversity, experience, exceptional skills and talent when it comes to Technology. To name few of our expert services – We can create Bootstrap website, Word Press website, Android App, Gaming App or any type of Software. We have complete solution for your each and every request.

Customer Service(Phone and Chat)

Customers and Consumers are an important aspects in any type of business. Due to them, your company is earning, growing and developing. To make sure you have a strong Customer and Consumer base, you have to make sure that your customers and consumers are treated exceptional well before sale and after sale. At Unico, we provide Customer Service which includes On-Call service and web chat service. We believe your customer is our customer and we make sure their every query, concern, doubt or a general question is answered with utmost care and importance. Or just in case if you only need someone to attend your phone call and direct it, we will be glad to do it. The key to Customer Satisfaction is providing timely response and exceptional service to them. We have a strong team of great Customer Service agents which can work for you as and when require. To add on, we can also help you build more customers and consumers by soft selling.

Administrative and Organisational Task

The admin team and support team are the backbone of any organization. To assist you with your day to day work, we have a dedicated team which can handle your administrative and organisational task. The task which we can take up are but not limited to Scheduling meetings, Travel arrangement and planning, Sending e-Greeting Cards, Event Invitations, Calendar Management, Reminder Services, Dropbox/Google Drive organisation, Arranging Payments and many more. We can adapt and amend any services as per your need and demand. Just bring it on :)

Email Management

Email Management is one of the most requested task. Though being an important mode of communication, it is one of the biggest time consuming thing in the land of entrepreneurship. Whether you want inbox zero, better and timely response or just managing and filtering your inbox, we can help you with any request. Our Virtual Assistants are highly organized and experienced and are trained to work on any complex task. With our help you can spend your time more effectively and productively on other important things. We can help you save time and help you in growing your business.

Data Entry

Anything you do or planning to do is recorded. This records may be in any form. Apart from these, you may require to upload anything on the website or just need to update and manage your Database. Anyone who runs a business requires a lot of data entry and it is really a time consuming task. We have a separate team who are specialized in entering, recording, uploading or updating data with greater efficiency. If you want to create and update your database, record anything in the spreadsheet, convert scanned pdf into editable word document or do anything which involves data, we are here to assist you!

Event Coordination

Events can be commercial, corporate or personal ceremonies. There are some businesses who sponsor those events and there some who organise it. Event planners, researchers and on-field coordinators are an essential part of any event. Though most of the events have their dedicated team but some jobs needs to be outsourced so that the higher priority work are done with maximum capacity. If you are planning to organize an event or you need someone to be present in the event and capture all the activities for business purpose or you just need to research regarding the venues, we can help you with it. If you have any other work apart from these, please do let us know, we will surely be able to accommodate that as well.

Social Media Management

To be successful and be up-to date, businesses needs an online presence. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are a common thing in the virtual world. To stay connected, to stay updated and to know more about market you need to be present on social media. But handling your day to day business and being online simultaneously is a tough job. Why not we handle your Online Profile? You will have more time to spend and concentrate on even more important aspects of you work. If you want to post anything or stay connected with your followers and build a strong relationship with them, we can assure you we can help you achieve the same.

Web Research

Web Research (Internet Research) is the practice of using Internet information, especially free information on the World Wide Web, or Internet-based resources in research. Internet research can provide quick, immediate, and worldwide access to information. We have a rigorous method of researching on any particular topic or content making sure we provide accurate and precise reports and data back to you. Using various methodologies and sources, we ensure that you obtain a recent and relevant data from us. Be it utilizing search engines to research data, capturing research information on a Spreadsheet, preparing market research report or sourcing relevant contact, we can work upon on any request from you.

Ohh! If you didn't found what you were looking for, Don't worry, it may not be listed here, but we might be doing it as well! So, Please contact us, we shall help you further.

Our Plans:

We have Hourly Packages, Virtual Assistance Custom Packages and Remote Project Management Custom Packages. To know more, contact us.

One Hour

Validity: Unlimited

  • Ideally for:
  • One Time Task
10 Hour Package

Validity: One Month

  • Ideally for:
  • Basic VA and PM Task
20 Hour Package

Validity: One Month

  • Ideally for:
  • Basic VA and PM Task
40 Hour Package

Validity: One Month

  • Ideally for:
  • Complex VA and PM Task
VA Custom Package
  • Ideally for:
  • Complex VA Task requiring more than One Month
RPM Custom Package
  • Ideally for:
  • Complex PM Task requiring more than One Month

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